New Song: All The Way

De nieuwste song van Pieter, uitgevoerd met TakandBand. Dit keer ‘All The Way’. Een LGBTQIA+ song, van een ouder aan andere ouders en iedereen die zich betrokken voelt bij dit onderwerp.

Nieuwe song / new song: All The Way van de nieuwste TakandBand EP.

An LGBTQIA+ song, from a parent to parents and everyone who cares

Songtekst all the way- Pieter Tak

You know this and I know that
all those things go round in my head
Like sweet water that reaches the sea
a gap between you and me

I'm all colored while you believe
that your faith is love but grief
Why you hide your hair and face
your eyes shine with so much grace

Gay, straight, all the way

You know this and I know that
don't you tell me what is good or bad
Living long enough
to differ love from hate
in the echo of the past we're too late

Now your boy loves
his neighbors son
and your answer is a religious gun
Why on earth would it be so bad
to love your neighbor instead

Gay, straight, all the way

You know this and I know that
see them happy wearing pink or red
Brackish water
mingles near the shores
but his lonesome mother ignores

You won't see them
as a token of your hate
but my boy is welcome with his date
I give them every chance in my life
give him all my bless as with a wife

Gay, straight, all the way

You know this and I know that
some of you would see them dead
Work together shaking hands
live together
staying neighbors
becoming friends

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Distrokid verblijdde ons ook dit keer weer met een leuke afbeelding:


……Another beautiful song in a beautiful voice….cheers….


Lekker die tuba en goede tekst!