New Song: Buddy Positivity

De nieuwste song van Pieter, uitgevoerd met TakandBand. Dit keer ‘Buddy Positivity’. Met als gast musicus Thijmen Topouzis op cello…

Nieuwe song / new song: Buddy Positivity van de nieuwste TakandBand EP.

Met als gast musicus Thijmen Topouzis op cello…

Songtekst buddy positivity- Pieter Tak

I'm positive about my glasses
they make me look quite straight
one tooth is fixed a little longer
so my smile has gained
some weight

My high forehead you're looking at
is a heritage from my daddy
I've been told
My eldest son has
that much space as well
from our twentieths we grew bald

Oh, Buddy positivity
Oh, Buddy positivity

I don't admire my nagging back
it is marked no one can spell
But every man of age counts his list
of scars he doesn't really tell

So it's better not to moan
about my corpse
it carried me for all these years
Through thick and thin
sunshine and rain
it brought me laughter
more than tears

Oh, Buddy positivity
Oh, Buddy positivity

I was a runner in my days, you
I sprinted along the line

That talent saved me
from quite a few fights
cause I could run away in time
Though my shoulders
carried the weight of work
countering temptations
what life brings
My hands took care
of what was worth
and my fingertips earned calluses
from the strings

O, positivity
Don't get burned from negativity
Don't let yourself squash
under simplicity
So let's burst out in pure activity


Now I am happy with my rusted
I still walk another mile
I've seen those oldies
crawl and creep
So I prefer to end in style

My body brought me everywhere
although it was not that far
It brought me love and music, look
I'm still strumming this old guitar

Oh, Buddy positivity
Oh, Buddy positivity
Oh, Buddy positivity

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Erg mooi Pieter, dankjewel!


Leuk, cello!


….. so soothing & comforting… the company of a cup of tea…great music as always….

Rose Ellen

Auteur: koerthom En: er zit steeds meer muziek in de zorg! 👍🎹

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