New Song: Toes

De nieuwste song van Pieter, uitgevoerd met Tak&Band. Dit keer ‘Toes’. “In tijden waar er buiten niet veel te doen is gaat er binnen van alles met je aan de haal…” Wat doet de song met jou? Luister en laat het Tak&Band weten!

Nieuwe song / new song: Toes van de nieuwste Tak&Band EP.

In tijden waar er buiten niet veel te doen is gaat er binnen van alles met je aan de haal…

In times when there is not much to do outside, everything will happen inside…

Speciale dank aan de studenten van BUAS Production House, Breda University of Applied Sciences, die op creatieve manier de song clip bij Toes hebben gemaakt. Daniel (te zien in de clip), Fien, Oana, Geelika, Isabel, Dobby én coördinator Danny: dank voor deze fijne samenwerking!

Special thanks to the students of BUAS Production House, Breda University of Applied Sciences, who creatively made the song clip for Toes. Daniel (to be seen in the clip), Fien, Oana, Geelika, Isabel, Dobby and coordinator Danny: thank you for this great collaboration!

Songtekst Toes – Pieter Tak

Instead of an escape through the secret tunnel
I’m laying on the floor
doin’ a whole lot of nothing, nothing, nothing
and I’m not even bored

My naughty hands like to meet the little ends of my feet
and there’s no objection to be heard
although there’s a lot of them hangin’ around
and all of them alert

But suddenly they start crawling all over the place
like ants they’re rollin’ up and down my legs
I try to push them into my colored socks
but all they do is rag

And the reason why they’ve got to stay down there
is to fill up the space in my shoes to wear
and in the winter they’re cold
while the rain is pourin’ down

Auoew…. stupid… ! you stepped on my toes !
and the fat dancer is punched on the nose
well he hit me on an eye so fast that I froze
Oh, bloody toes

Well, in an hour or two I had them back into my boots
they even tried to change places
I had to scream till they dropped off
with angry faces

They’re not so long as my fingers plus nails
they’re not that clever as well
but who will read the lines in the darkness for them
they can’t even spell

So I’m trying to suggest to a meeting in spring
then we can hit the problem very close
In secret we plan a plan for a plan and it’s called
The Year Of The Toes !

Jouw feedback is waardevol!

Wat vind je van “Toes”? Waar gaat de song, voor jou, over?

Deel jouw mening over de nieuwe Tak&Band song “Toes”:

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  • of neem contact op met Tak&Band!


Heel erg goed, ook een mooie clip !


A good sound of music and nicely balanced notes of a saxophone


Auteur: koerthom En: er zit steeds meer muziek in de zorg! 👍🎹

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