New Song: Be What You Are

‘Be What You Are’ is alweer de zesde song van het nieuwe Tak&Band album onder de verzamelnaam ‘Jewel’.

Nieuwe song van de Tak&Band EP ‘Jewel’: Be What You Are.

New song of Tak&Band’s EP ‘Jewel’: Be What You Are .

Uiteindelijk draait het allemaal om te leren om samen te leven…

Eventually it’s all about learning to live together

Songtekst Be What You Are – Pieter Tak

Sally the Jelly thrills
in the ballroom corner 
she blinks with her eyes 
and curls tomato lips

While Freddy Avenue puts his new name 
on top of the bill
collecting the money 
for sugar and trips

There’s a free fight going on
in the crowded doorway
and Joey’s head 
is punched in rage

Well, Abel the single handed night porter 
is moving very slowly these days
and the Jelly 
the Jelly called on stage

I sat down and overlooked the scene
while changing guitars
The title of the tune got lost in the noise
Be What You Are

Well, Sally the Jelly as a stripper 
appears to be sexy
and the spectators 
all burst into applause

In a riddle of the fiddle 
her twins fell to her knees
everybody, everybody 
was looking of course

The lights scattered in reds and blues 
on the band and stage
and the barman 
slightly loses control

The Jelly is caught by 
an over aged redneck with the blues
and he carries her 
out of the house just for a little stroll   

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Waar gaat de song, voor jou, over?

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Auteur: koerthom En: er zit steeds meer muziek in de zorg! 👍🎹

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