New Song: For I Am You

‘For I Am You’ is de vijfde song van het nieuwe Tak&Band album onder de verzamelnaam ‘Jewel’.

Woorden van dichter Vir Kashmiri, ter viering van de godin van de natuur.

Nieuwe song van de Tak&Band EP ‘Jewel’: For I Am You.

New song of Tak&Band’s EP ‘Jewel’: For I Am You.

Woorden van dichter Vir Kashmiri, ter viering van de godin van de natuur.

Words by poet Vir Kashmiri in celebration to the goddess of Nature.

Songtekst For I Am You – Pieter Tak

for I am you
and you within me
in essence like scent
within the flower
the running water
within the river

the air within the atmosphere
the song that echoes
from within the nightingale
or seasons which entail
one after the other
wrapped over together
autumn spring and summer

and through the crevices of the doors
sneak in the gray white winters
and you then from within
in such way again and again
seem to disappear

far but yet
so near
as if you are within me
for I am you

Met dank aan Vir Kashmiri

Words written by a romantic poet Vir Kashmiri. A real pearl, picked from his Facebook page.

I was immediately struck by his loving words in which he describes his love for the goddess of nature. ‘Because I’m you’ immediately sounded like music to my ears and what else could I do than put Vir’s beautiful images to music and bring them out with Tak&Band. With his kind permission, of course.

Thanks Vir!

Pieter Tak

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Auteur: koerthom En: er zit steeds meer muziek in de zorg! 👍🎹

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