New Song: Most of the Night

‘Most of the Night’ is de tweede song van het nieuwe Tak&Band album, dat nog titelloos is. Life carries on.

Nieuwe song van de nieuwste -nog titelloze- Tak&Band EP: Most of the Night.

New song from the latest -still untitled- Tak&Band EP: Most of the Night.

Songtekst Most of the Night – Pieter Tak

I went out walking
I did too much talking
My head was spinning all the way

I went out walking
My mind was drifting
Cause you told me you was leaving today

You said we're done
Now the cold times are coming
And loneliness feeds the light

I feel the tears come dripping
And the time will be ticking
Most of the night

Well, I went back into trouble
My sight felt double
When I hit the pavement at the door

I was bruising my knee
Couldn’t turn the damned key
I was sinking right through the floor

I ran into Joe, Ugly Nope and Karl
for a beer and some shots
They surely know the ride down

Nope slapped me on the shoulder
and drew me a line
I felt so hopelessly fine

Now I’m back on my feet
Though the troubled days ain’t over
But better mornings arrive

I pull the curtains open
Cause I want it to happen
Determined to stay alive

Cause when you said we're done
Life carries on
Although loneliness dimmed the light

I often feel tears come dripping
And time is still ticking
Most of the night

I often feel tears come dripping
And time is still ticking
Most of the night 

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Auteur: koerthom En: er zit steeds meer muziek in de zorg! 👍🎹

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